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Friday, January 20, 2006

Xtreme X2O

I "had" Fibromyalgia, Celiac Disease, severe allergies and chemical sensitivities. My hobby turned into a business. My husband and I own and operate Heavenly Suds, an all natural, handmade soap and toiletry business. We make everything in our small kitchen in Ohio. We have soaps, linen/body spray (that can be used as air freshners also,) gel soaps, body powders, etc. We have items that have essential oils added to them and we have items that have fragrance oils added to them. Fragrance oils can be chemically altered so these products aren't really all natural, but they are as close as we can get.
I recently found a company that I have added to my soap business. It markets "WATER." That's right...water. Here's the scoop....

X2O..The Water Everyone is Reaching For.

What are YOU Drinking?

It would be great if it was XTREME X2O.

What's Xtreme X2O??

It's today's ULTIMATE BODY FUEL that is destined to become the
beverage of choice for people all around the world!
Not a Filter! Not a Pill! X2O is a tea bag (sachette) of natural ingredients
that transforms 'ordinary water' into a SUPER BEVERAGE that will ENERGIZE,
DEFEND, CLEANSE & ALKALIZE your body like NO other beverage can!

For Super Alkalizing Hydration, Nutrition & Energy, X2O beats:
Gaterade, Orange Juice, Red Bull, Powerade, Apple Juice, Cranberry Juice,
AMP and Many More!

New! NASA Approved Lab Tested! 2 Patents! No one else has it!!

Drink the HEALTHIEST Water there is....Make YOURS Xtreme X2O.

Want to make money selling a SUPER Product with real health benefits
and value? Work with professionals who are committed to X2O and to
YOUR success.

Try our 2 Week Supply Starter Pak for only $9.99. ( Shipping and
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